Windsor Suspension Bridge

Another of Gibraltar’s newest tourist attractions is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but those who want an adrenalin rush can visit the new suspension bridge at Royal Anglian Way. This spectacular feat of engineering is 71 metres in length, across a 50-metre-deep gorge affording visitors magnificent views of across the strait, bay and city.

History Alive

Every Saturday the historical Re-enactment Society re-enacts the Ceremony of the Keys a centuries old tradition of locking the gates to the old town. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the sea came up to the defensive walls and there were four outer gates through which the town could be entered. Four keys locked these entrances to the town, now officially known as a city.

The Mediterranean Steps

Mediterranean Steps is a steep, at times arduous, walk. Early mornings are usually preferable, but during the summer months a late afternoon walk will provide the visitor with plenty of much-needed shade. The area is particularly appealing during the spring, when the visitor is greeted by an interesting and very beautiful array of flowers. Mediterranean Steps take the walker from Jews’ Gate on the southern end of the Nature Reserve at 180m above sea level, up towards O’Hara’s Battery at 419m, close to the summit of the Rock.

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