Welcoming the world for 30 years

The Czech Republic is celebrating 30 years since it opened its doors to visitors from around the world.
On Jan 1, 1993, what was the former Czechoslovakia split into two – one half became Slovakia and the country we know today as the Czech Republic was formed from the other half. As the new nation became more accessible to the world, the Czech Republic became a hot spot destination for overseas travellers.

Over three decades, the Czech Republic has seen a steady rise in visitor numbers. By 2019 this figure had jumped to 495,728 UK visitors before the world came to a standstill as a result of the pandemic in 2020. Today the Czech Republic is seeing a steep curve up to full recovery.

A constant flow of curious tourists have fallen in love with the place. In particular, the capital city of Prague has become a firm favourite – especially among UK visitors. Latterly, other parts of the country have grown in popularity. Places like Brno, the foodie Mecca of the Czech Republic, Pilsen, home of the original Pilsner beer and Cesky Krumlov, magical UNESCO gem are on the radar for fans of the European city break.


Historical Towns

Narrow winding lanes, picturesque squares, town walls and church towers – this is the romance of the old market towns.
Set out on a trip to cities full of romantic atmosphere and pulsing with life! Unforgettable experiences await you – breathtaking views and superb culinary delights while taking a seat in one of the cafes or restaurants specializing in regional products. What for example would you say to a visit to Telč, Prachatice or Litomyšl? Kutná Hora and Český Krumlov are also popular tips for trips. Or would you rather set out for Mikulov?

For more information visit : https://www.visitczechrepublic.com/en-US/Things-to-Do/Category-Group-Pages/Cultural-Heritage/Historical-Towns


Castles and Chateaux

The Czech Republic is known for its impressive castles and chateaux which have been well preserved throughout the centuries and are examples of various architectural styles, from early medieval Romanesque to the early 20th century Art Nouveau.
These sights are not just sleepy museums but offer historical festivals and markets showing old crafts, night-time tours with guides in costumes, concerts and other art performances. There are around 2000 chateaux, castles, fortresses and their ruins in the country. Among the most popular sites are Karlštejn, where the Czech crown jewels are displayed in the gilded dome of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the castle and chateau of Český Krumlov with the Baroque theatre and a revolving auditorium and Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral, forming the famous silhouette of Prague.


Natural Heritage

Explore caves and rock cities, climb to the tops of mountains and observation points!
A wonderful rest in the open air, beautiful scenery, and the charming corners of national parks – all that can be had from trips in the Czech countryside. Explore caves and rock cities, climb to the tops of mountains and observation points! Places you will never forget and where you will always be happy to go back to – such as the fairy-tale landscape of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the gorges of the Adršpach Rock City or Punkevní Cave in the Moravian Karst. The cold northern character is exuded from the shadows of Boubín Forest in Šumava, while you will be surprised by the warm, almost Mediterranean character of the landscape in the PalavaBiosphere Reserve. A number of geologically interesting sites can be enjoyed up close in the GeoLoci geopark in Tachovsko region.
Source: https://www.visitczechrepublic.com/en-US/Things-to-Do/Category-Group-Pages/Active-Holiday/Natural-Heritage

Spas - The Best of the Czech Spa Traditions

The magic of ancient traditions, quality tried and tested over the years and top quality medical care for the body and mind – this is the Czech spa industry.
Czech spa towns do not invite visitors for rest and relaxation alone. Guests above all receive high quality medical care here. Modern medical facilities offer exclusive relaxation thanks to a combination of modern techniques and traditional, tried and tested wisdom! Which of the dozens of Czech spas will you choose? Will Teplice, the oldest spa in Bohemia and in Central Europe win, or will it be famous Karlovy Vary?

Source: https://www.visitczechrepublic.com/en-US/Things-to-Do/Category-Group-Pages/Wellness-and-Spa/Medical-Spas


Meat specialties, traditional sweets and delicious beer. Czech cuisine can offer you all this, and much more.
Czech cuisine, whether in a traditional or modern guise, has many influences. Traditional dishes sometimes have their roots far beyond the Czech borders. Taste goulash, sirloin with dumplings or roast duck with cabbage. Also try fried cheese – an interesting food not only for vegetarians. And what to have for a good dinner? Traditional Czech lager or Becherovka for good digestion. But traditional Czech cuisine also includes sweets. Do you know what frgals are or how traditional spa wafers taste? Just come and sample some for yourself!
Source: https://www.visitczechrepublic.com/en-US/Things-to-Do/Category-Group-Pages/Cultural-Heritage/Gastronomy

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