With an unrivaled combination of year-round sunshine, vibrant scenery and a ton of exciting things to see and do, Greater Miami & Miami Beach offers more fun than you can possibly fit into one holiday. Here’s a look at some of the many things to do in Miami. Hit them all for a bucket-list adventure or mix-and-match based on what best suits your vacation style.

Enjoy this five-day itinerary full of the best places to shop, dine and play in Miami.

Greater Miami & Miami Beach came fashionably late to the craft beer party, but the destination has most definitely caught up over the past dozen years. Today, beer connoisseurs head to Miami to find brewmasters producing everything from classic ales and IPAs to more creative brews inspired by the flavors of the tropics. Craving a cold one? Check out some of our favorite Miami breweries and microbreweries, and be inspired to discover what you’ll be sipping next.

It’s no secret that Greater Miami & Miami Beach is a mosaic of international cultures, and that richness translates to local restaurants offering some of the best global cuisine. From Italian and Japanese to Cuban and Greek – whatever type of food you’re craving, you’ll find it here. Embark on your own global culinary tour, using our list of top international restaurants in Miami Beach as a starting point.

Ready for an adventure? Take a break from the beach, and get your heart racing at a thrilling action park in Greater Miami & Miami Beach.

These entertainment centers and attractions offer more than just the standard trampolines and laser tag. Spread all around the area, they have a variety of unforgettable experiences, including virtual reality escape rooms, extreme rock climbing, ninja training and parkour.

Here’s a look at some of the most exciting and action-packed entertainment centers Miami has to offer.

Step into an oceanic wonderland and enjoy a multi-course fine dining experience while venturing through mangrove forests, coral reefs and the deep sea.

Combining projection mapping, 360-degree sound, and physical art, Hidden Worlds create magical worlds for you to discover. No matter if you are looking for a fun family activity during the daytime or a luxurious dinner extravaganza at night, they have an experience for you.


Finding a great restaurant in Greater Miami & Miami Beach is easy. Finding a great restaurant that every other visitor hasn’t also found, however, can be a little tougher. But foodie adventurers, take heart: Tucked in strip malls and behind unassuming storefronts, you’ll find some of Miami’s best food hiding in plain sight. From Little Haiti markets to South Beach office buildings, here are the best hidden gem dining experiences in Miami, organized by neighborhood.