Places in Prague Related to the Events of 1989

22 April 2020

Three decades ago, the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia fell. Which locations did this turning point in history march through?

ANTOR (Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives)

In November, it will be exactly 30 years from the day when a peaceful student march took place in Prague. The brutal police action ended this march but started a wave of resistance that led to a change in the political system. There were demonstrations, both by individuals as well as by large groups of citizens. The result was that Czechoslovakia rid itself of its totalitarian regime and after 41 years became an independent, democratic country again. We are introducing the places in Prague that are related to the events of November 1989 – the Velvet Revolution.

Albertov – Where it all started

A peaceful student movement marking the 50th anniversary of the closing of Czech universities during the Nazi occupation during World War II turned into a demonstration calling for changes in the establishment. The students set off to the centre of Prague and called for free elections and the end of one-party government. Albertov is a student and university district near Vysehrad, where you can find the faculties of several of Prague’s universities as well as a small university botanical garden.

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