Czechia in an Apple Advertisement

22 April 2020

Can you recognize the places in the Czech Republic that play the lead in the advertising spots of the American mammoth organization?

ANTOR (Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives)

The Czech Republic is a landscape of old towns with melancholic lanes, a landscape of hills and rocks, as well as a landscape of forests and lakes. Each corner has its magic that is worth discovering. It is not for nothing that filmmakers favour the local film studios and that Czech towns can be seen in international blockbusters and ads by the most-watched companies. Last time, Prague and other places appeared in the Apple global ad. It seems that Apple likes the Czech Republic. Do you know where they have made their ads here?

2019: Prague Metro and the Velka Amerika Lime Quarry

The Apple crew has returned to the Czech Republic several times to make ads for their new products; this year, it was a new smart watch. The new spot featured the Prague metro, specifically the Line A station at Namesti Miru, and the flooded Velka Amerika Lime Quarry that can be found in Central Bohemia, not far from Karlstejn Castle. 

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