Samoa relaxes Orders of Emergency as it remains COVID-19 free

15 April 2020

Samoa has eased some of its State of Emergency Orders after a close review by the Prime Minister and Cabinet this week, as the country still has no confirmed case of Covid-19.

Samoa Tourism Authority

The amended Orders are in effect today, 15th of April 2020 with new amendments of:

Restaurants reopened with conditions.

- Restaurants are now opened for dining, but social distancing is to be enforced by the restaurant owners. Opening hours are from 6.00am to 9.30pm, with Cafes and coffee shops included under restaurants. Take aways continue as well.

Inter-island ferry services between Upolu and Savaii reopened with conditions.

- There are restrictions on the number of passengers per sailing, and Senior Citizens considered vulnerable and high risk to contract Covid-19 are also discouraged from travelling between the two islands.


- Services are opened to the public on the following conditions:

(a) All persons 60 years and above are strongly advised to adhere with the restrictions under Order 8 (travel restricted to only if seeking medical attention).

(b) A Pensioner who chooses to travel for any reason outside of those under Order 8 will not be able to use the Pension benefit of free travel.

(c) Ferry services between Upolu and Savaii are restricted to the following terms:

(i) There shall be no ferry services on Sunday.

(ii) Ferry services are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, operating the normal schedules.

(iii) Ferries are to operate on the following capacities per trip: A. Lady Samoa III – 100 passengers (excluding vehicle drivers)

B. Lady Naomi – 60 passengers (excluding vehicle drivers)

C. MV SSC 40 – 20 passengers (excluding vehicle drivers)

D. Fotu o Samoa – 20 passengers (excluding vehicle drivers)

(iv) The shipping authorities are to monitor and enforce the 2 meters social distancing rule during travel.

Bus services reopened with restrictions imposed on the number of passengers.

Public transport:

Buses and Vehicles

1) Buses are in operation on the following conditions:

(a) Only 20 passengers on the bus are allowed at any one time.

(b) The last bus trip from town must take off from town before or by 5.30pm.

(c) No bus service is to operate on Sunday.

(d) Bus operators are to continue the monitoring and enforcement of the 2 meters social distancing rule.

2) Operators of public transport that carry 5 people or less are permitted to continue operation.

Markets and Supermarkets with extended hours and new orders.

1) The Savalalo, Fugalei, Salelologa, Vaitele, Taufusi and Afega market, and all other flea markets, fish market or any market which the public have access to:

(a) are only permitted to open from 6.00am – 6.00pm; and

(b) no person is to sleep overnight at any marketplace.

2) Daily opening hours for all supermarkets are from 6.00am-6.00pm, except for Sunday where supermarket opening hours are from 3.00pm-6.00pm.

3) All markets are closed on Sunday, inclusive of:

(a) The markets at Savalalo, Fugalei, Salelologa, Vaitele, Taufusi; and

(b) The Fish Markets at Savalalo, Vaigaga, Fasitoo Uta, Afega, and any other roadside fish selling; and

(c) Any such market where the public has access to.

Details of the amended Orders are in effect today, 15th of April 2020 and it is reprinted in its entirety in the following link on the Government of Samoa website and Facebook page

Social distancing of two meters or more between one another is still being enforced in all public places and government offices.

The Emergency Order 7 issued on 9 April 2020 being revoked.

The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) 997 line is also available for enquiries.

Contact their 24-hour call center on 21183, 21176, 21173, 22914 & 24402 or email Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen (+685) 767-6015 or Dr. Sarah Brown

For any further information contact Tupa’i Robert Ah Sam Ph. 720-7284 or Su’a Hesed Ieremia Ph. 724-7865 of the Disaster Response Center for the Samoa Tourism Authority working closely with NEOC.


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