14 October 2019

Located in the heart of Polynesia, the Treasured Islands of Samoa serve as the perfect travel destination for solo travel enthusiasts. Beautiful Samoa is filled will friendly and helpful locals, making it incredibly easy to get around and immerse yourself

Samoa Tourism Authority

Samoa is ideal for solo travellers looking for an authentic and inspiring holiday while seeking to take a digital break. The islands’ one of a kind wooden fales dotted all over Samoa’s golden coast create the perfect paradise escape from your hectic daily life. Located close to the main villages, the fales’ design is based on the traditional Samoan home, allowing you to live like a true Samoan.

The island is not only very safe, but friendly Samoans are always eager to help with directions, making it nearly impossible to get lost. Visitors may use buses to get around, and car rental companies make it very accessible to hire a vehicle for your holiday.

Local villagers welcome visitors with open arms, offer a taste of their vibrant cuisine, and allow you to experience their colourful culture. A solo holiday wouldn’t be complete without attending a Fiafia Night, a celebration of Samoan culture with a traditional buffet and entertainment featuring beautiful songs, graceful dances and the spectacular fire knife dance known as Siva Afi. Fiafia can be translated as happy get-together, and the performers are very enthusiastic and proud to share their traditional culture with the audience. The vibrant culture makes it incredibly easy to meet new people and feel a part of the local community.

Solo travellers also get to choose from an array of unique activities from climbing the spectacular waterfalls of Papapapai-Tai Falls, to hiking through the tropical rainforests alongside Savaii’s coastline, and snorkelling among coral reefs and over 900 fish species in Upolu.



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Notes to editors:

Samoa: The Treasured Islands of the South Pacific

The islands of Samoa - The Treasured Islands of the South Pacific - are the true heart of Polynesia. Ten islands of stunning wild beauty, Samoa - or Independent Samoa as it is now known so as to avoid confusion with American Samoa, is paradise waiting to be explored. From powder soft beaches, to warm tropical seas, colourful coral reefs alive with marine life. The rugged, lush interiors reveal endless wildlife, waterfalls and hiking trails.

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