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ANTOR Conference 2017

ANTOR held it's second conference on 04 July 2017 hosted by the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London.

Over 50% of members attended with 35 delegates. A great line up of speakers addressed the conference:
Steve Byrne of Travel Counsellors' on 'Trends, current and past in the personal travel assistant arena', Julia Feuell of Online Travel Training on 'How to train Millenials in the travel industry', Max Sinclair of Eco Companion on 'How responsible travel can have a positive effect on the environment' followed by an interview with Asher Moses of sherbet media by Gill Williams and a final session by Gill Williams of Wildside UK Productions and Nick Thomas of Securewest International on 'How to handle the media in a crisis, risk management and continue business as usual during a crisis.'

The Supplier Fair featured National Geographic Traveller, ABTA Magazine, sherbet media, The Meetings Show, Online Travel Training, Travelport, Food and Magazine, Wildside UK Productions and The British & Travel Show 2018.

Feed back from speakers, and suppliers was excellent and as ANTOR's second conference paves the way for future annual conferences:
'A big thank you for yesterday. It was a great opportunity for us to expand our knowledge of the industry and meet some very interesting people.' Nick Thomas

'I just want to say a big thank you for organizing a great event. There was a good selection of tourism representatives in attendance and everyone I spoke to had real interest in learning more about the Travelport destination marketing opportunities. The presentations were also very interesting and insightful. I look forward to the next ANTOR event.' Atlyn Forde

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