HO-HAI-YAN Gongliao Rock Festival

01 July 2017

HO-HAI-YAN Gongliao Rock Festival is one of New Taipei City’s most famous major annual coastal events of the summer season.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Not only has this event successfully
integrated the sea environment with the creative spirit of independent
(indie) music, to create a distinguishing feature of the Northeast Cape and a
major benefit to tourism, it has also provided a stage for non-mainstream
musical artists and created an advantage for marketing international tourism
in Taiwan. The Festival is held each year on the July with the aim of
providing enthusiastic youth a great place to go during the summer vacation
period. At the same time it also lifts the curtain for travel throughout the
entire summer season for New Taipei City’s Northeast Coast shoreline. The
theme of the Festival is “Appreciating Indie Music at the Ocean”—a
competition among indie music groups—and centers on performances by Taiwanese
and overseas creative musical groups. The brilliant performances of the music
groups and the enthusiasm of the crowds create a “chemical reaction,” a
further “selling point” of this climactic event. This summer, liberate your
soul with music, let yourself go and join other music enthusiasts “drunk on
music,” let HO-HAI-YAN Gongliao Rock Festival ignite your long pent-up
energy, open up your arms and welcome this “sacred” annual rock &
roll classic.

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