Lukang Dragon Boat Festival

14 May 2017

“Lukang Dragon Boat Festival” originated as a folklore activity in 1978. Continuing to this day, it markets the historic monuments, humanistic scenes, handicraft, culture, gourmet food and more in Lukang.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Held in an expanded and extended scale, the “Lukang Dragon Boat Festival” has become an important program from 2006 during the festival in Taiwan and listed as one of the “12 Major Festivals in Taiwan.” In addition, it was also introduced in the “Sightseeing Calendar of Taiwan” by the Bureau of Tourism, becoming one of the most important sightseeing events, after receiving the awards of “The Township of Smile,” “Top 10 Sightseeing Towns in Taiwan,” and the sponsoring of “2012 Taiwan Lantern Festivals.

Although dragon boat contests are held in various towns and cities in Taiwan on the same day, there is only one place in central Taiwan that sponsors dragon boat competition on the Dragon Boat Festival – Lukang. Originally, the contest was held at Fulu River. Due to construction along the river, the location was moved to Jian Duct in Changhua Coast about a decade ago. Last year, with anticipation of local citieens the race will return back to Fulu River. It is the first time to hold the dragon boat race in the evening this year just to provide people a more comfortable space for watching the race. It also hopes to allow more people to enjoy the nocturnal mood of Lukang. Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival at Lukang has become a highly expected carnival for people coming from different places of Taiwan as well as local folks. We conduct exchanges between cities with culture, sports, and tourism, and spend a happy holiday with exercises, giving this event more important meanings.

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