18 July 2012

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

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Travellers to the emirate are invited to check these pages for any questions on Ramadan etiquette or to find out how Abu Dhabi’s life is transformed during this month. The e-guide speaks to all visitors and covers a variety of topics from basic information such as when Ramadan takes place and what it means, to explanations of ‘Suhour’ and ‘Iftar’.

The e-guide also gives visitors an insight into how they can capture the Ramadan spirit and describes why the Holy Month is an ideal time to visit Abu Dhabi for those interested in the emirate’s culture. Whether it’s a visit to the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which updates its complimentary guided tours to include insights into the practices of the Holy Month, or a visit to the annual Ramadan & Eid Festival at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre; socialising and trying special foods at an Iftar in one of the specially erected Ramadan tents, or taking advantage of the special promotions and late shopping hours, travellers to Abu Dhabi will be able to experience a rich and colourful, yet different view of the emirate.

Conceived with travellers’ needs in mind, the Ramadan e-guide is aimed to add to the overall ‘mission’ of which is to act as a one-stop-shop for tourists who want to explore the emirate, providing easy access to interact, in any of eight languages, with extensive, dynamic information on Abu Dhabi’s attractions and experiences, culture and heritage, and events and recreation activities. 

The consumer-orientated destination website also features a comprehensive hotel search option, which aggregates live deals and room availability from over 50 booking engines, and allows visitors to find real-time information prior to their decision to book.

The website is also complemented by the destination’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Flickr and Pinterest), inviting travellers to become active contributors to the destination, to post, comment, get inspired and share their experience, before, during and after their visit.

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